TRIS Environmental Compliance Policy

TRIS is committed to managing resources and conducting infrastructure development in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner that is consistent with its core values and guiding principles, as well as those of project owners and the communities in which it operates. While constructing and improving the infrastructure of Ontario, TRIS will strive to minimize the environmental impacts of its operations through consistent and feasible improvements that address environmental management and performance.

To ensure this policy is implemented in TRIS’s operations, an environmental management program is established to:

  • Ensure this environmental policy is communicated to TRIS staff and its project team members
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable environmental rules, regulations and laws
  • Define and establish environmental objectives, targets, and best management practices and monitor performance
  • Ensure environmental considerations include feasible and cost-effective options for meeting and exceeding applicable regulatory requirements
  • Fulfill our corporate responsibilities as a steward of the environmental awareness and communication with employees, project team members, regulatory agencies, and neighboring communities

TRIS is committed to the intent of this policy and the environmental laws and regulation, on which it is based.